ARB Protocol
Trade and Transaction speed
Why we are on Solana.
The transaction speed of the blockchain is super critical for conducting arbitrage: Since you might have to execute cross-exchange transactions, the time it takes to validate such transitions on the blockchain could impact the efficacy of your arbitrage trading strategy. For instance, it takes 10 minutes to one hour to confirm transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. In that time, the market might have moved against you. Therefore, arbitrageurs should stick to blockchains with high transaction speed; or those that are not susceptible to network congestion. In summary, to conclude a profitable arbitrage transaction, speed is critical. Your trades must be executed as fast as possible, or the opportunity might be gone!

Why Solana?

High speed and low fees are perhaps what Solana is most known for. With the ability to hit highs of 65,000 TPS and a theoretical limit of 710,000 TPS in the future, Solana looks to achieve parity with centralized systems. Currently the chain processes roughly 1,900% of the number of transactions Ethereum does while users only pay a fraction of the fees. At its peak, the network processed over 4,800% of the transactions on Ethereum.
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